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AIP-405: [Resubmission] ApeSwap on ApeChain 


The ApeCoin DAO is built on the fundamental goal of enabling Yugaverse and ApeCoin holders with value. To date, the focus has been enabling marketplaces, a native blockchain, communications, IRL events/education, physical assets, and more.

With the launch of ApeChain fast approaching in June, a native swap/DEX product is needed in order to enable adoption and competitive functionality on ApeChain. ApeCoin DAO has the ability to establish a first-mover advantage by backing ApeSwap, a native ApeChain DEX powered by Solidity.io and Sushi Labs (Sushi Swap).

Our vision is to launch ApeSwap as a (DEX) to benefit ApeCoin holders. The ApeCoin DAO DEX will enable the decentralized exchange of tokens supported by multi-asset pools that earn liquidity providers fees from market making and swap fees. It should be noted that ApeSwap would not necessarily be the exclusive DEX of the ApeChain ecosystem.

ApeSwap will include a protocol fee for token swaps, with 50% of all protocol fees returning back to the ApeCoin DAO treasury. Immediately upon the launch and accrual of fees the DAO treasury would receive revenue distributions in accordance with the payout schedule established by Sushi Labs. In addition, ApeSwap will undergo a token generation event, and will provide an airdrop of ApeSwap DEX native tokens to ApeCoin token holders, as well as an airdrop directly to the ApeCoin treasury.

Sushi Labs, with development support from Solidity.io, will support strategic and technical efforts with the deployment, ownership, and maintenance of the DEX. In addition to this, ApeSwap will offer a token airdrop to active Sushi Swap ecosystem users to incentivize the growth and adoption of ApeChain by the broader DeFi community. xSushi (Staked sushi) holders will likely be the targets for the airdrop.

Specifications |
Solidity.iowill operate as the core service provider for the ApeSwap DEX launch. This includes conducting design, development, and deployment of a native decentralized exchange on ApeChain for ApeSwap on behalf of Sushi Labs. All data points from the DEX will be aggregated to a decentralized datastore to enable real-time charting on the platform. The $APE grant will be paid to Solidity.ioupon passing of this proposal to fund ecosystem development and maintenance for one year. Solidity.io will be the pre-selected core service provider, responsible for delivering on the product roadmap, supporting tokenomics design, go-live support, and maintenance of the product and platform for one year. With Sushi Labs being the operating entity and administrator of the franchised DEX, they would be responsible for hosting and maintenance coordination after one year if Solidity.ioand Sushi decide not to renew the initial 1-year agreement together. We expect maintenance costs after year one to fall under $100k per year for maintenance and hosting.

ApeSwap will launch a token on ApeChain to function as the core utility token for ApeSwap. $APE holders will receive an airdrop, ApeCoin DAO treasury will receive an airdrop, and ApeCoin DAO treasury will receive a portion of trading fees.

Sushi Labs will function as the legal and managing entity overseeing the DEX launch and TGE, and ApeSwap will fall under the Sushi Labs management company as part of their franchised DEX model. Sushi will provide marketing support around the DEX launch and will handle all non-technical infrastructure, including domain maintenance and ownership, and hosting and serving of the platform.

Users can swap in and out of tokens utilizing the platform’s liquidity to perform transactions. The swap will display relevant information including price impact, slippage, and deadline. In addition to swap, users will be able to add liquidity to pairs, this process will be a separate flow allowing users to customize their transaction. We plan to incentivize liquidity provision from the community and strategic partners.

At this time, final decisions have not yet been made regarding use of any existing ApeCoin DAO trademarks, or the creation of new trademarks related to ApeSwap, but the team does want to opt for an ‘Ape’ themed branding style.


ApeCoin DAO needs revenue!

The implementation of ApeSwap will be a key step in creating sustainable, on-chain infrastructure that is cash-flow generative and exists as a fundamentally ApeCoin-backed asset.

By receiving a portion of the protocol fees, as well as an airdrop to the treasury and ApeCoin holders. The ApeSwap DEX represents a potential long-term revenue stream to the DAO.

With the ApeCoin community containing many Web3 users and investors, the utility of a natively owned and backed DEX will generate massive value for existing holders, and incentivize new ApeCoin holders to acquire $APE. The core of this proposal is centered around our motivation to build sustainable ApeCoin DAO treasury revenue and broader adoption of the ApeCoin ecosystem.

The goal of the ApeSwap is to create a self-sustaining, cash-flow generative addition of infrastructure to the ApeCoin ecosystem, while capturing value that a competitor on ApeChain will otherwise take.

In addition, a token drop will reward $APE holders who have long deserved some value being returned to them through the DAO.

At this time, all that can be shared is that the plan is to have airdrop/token allocations to the following parties: ApeCoin holders, ApeCoin DAO treasury, Sushi Treasury, xSushi holders, team, Rewards for liquidity provision. This is a fluid process of course and will be more solidified over time. Users will need to connect to a site/platform to claim.


Total Budget: 750,000 APE COIN

Detailed Cost Breakdown and Allocations

Platform Design & Development: $340K

  • DEX UX/UI Design: $30,000
  • Tokenomics & Technical Architecture: $65,000
  • Smart Contract Development & Testing: $60,000
  • Front-end Development & Integration: $65,000
  • Back-End Development for Farming Rewards and Charting/Analytics: $45,000
  • Trading Alerts Features: $25,000
  • Smart Contract Audits (Internal & 3rd Party): $50,000

Marketing, Business Development, and Operations: $120K

  • Business Development & Partnerships: $45,000
  • Marketing & Community Engagement: $50,000
  • Operations & Miscellaneous: $25,000

Legal & Compliance: $100K

  • Comprehensive legal support and compliance assurance to navigate the regulatory landscape effectively.

Infrastructure & Miscellaneous Costs: $190K

  • Hosting Costs: $35,000
  • Blockchain Indexing/Data Storage: $25,000
  • Contingency Fund: $50,000
  • 1-Year Maintenance: $80,000 (Included to ensure ongoing support and updates for the platform, covering server maintenance, product updates, and bug fixes.)

While a plan to submit a follow-up AIP in collaboration with Sushiswap to continue as ApeSwap’s service provider after the conclusion of the initial 1-year term has not yet been decided, we hope revenue from the DEX will be sufficient to maintain all operations and maintenance expenses post the initial 1-year term.


Link to the full proposal: https://forum.apecoin.com/t/aip-405-resubmission-apeswap-on-apechain/22330

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimise for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

7M votes
6 days ago

AIP-414: ApeCoin DAO at NFC Lisbon 



This proposal aims to establish a dominant presence for ApeCoin and ApeCoin DAO at the Non Fungible Conference (NFC) in Portugal, scheduled for May 28-29th, along with the wrap-up event on May 30th.

Planning involves securing a 20m² furnished networking lounge situated in a premium area of the conference. This lounge will include an interactive play-zone featuring stand-up arcade games designed to capture conference-attendee interest and generate opportunities to segue into ApeChain talks. The booth will also feature a large digital monitor playing ApeCoin-focused content, and a branded wall.

The conference’s primary WiFi network accessible for guests and other sponsors will be named ApeCoin. Attendee wristbands and staff t-shirts will display ApeCoin branding, and ApeCoin will be featured on various banners and screens during Agoria’s final set of the opening night party, held at the event venue.

Two on-stage panels are being organized each with up to four speakers and a moderator. One discussion will focus on ApeChain, prioritizing members of the Special Council, Horizen Labs, and Layer Zero, while the other will cover ApeCoin DAO Working Groups.

ApeCoin will be announced as co-organizers alongside The Sandbox for the May 30th boat and beach wrap-up parties. The beach event will also serve as a pre-party for the Moga Music Festival expected to draw between 10-12,000 jet-setters.

We will receive forty general access event tickets, access for forty general access allowlist spots, forty special-access boat tickets, and entry for up to forty people in the special-access area of the wrap-up event. Tickets will be distributed to community members in-person, and we will incentivize new Discourse signups with small amounts of APE.

The proposal also seeks approval to use the ApeCoin logo, and Powered by ApeCoin trademarks to be used for conference and wrap-up event marketing and physical conference-related branding. Provisions for promotional items include, but are not limited to, t-shirts, stickers, and educational materials have also been made. Any inventory produced under this allowance will be exclusive to conference attendees, on-stage panelists, and booth operators [not for sale].

Other conference features include a gaming startup competition with panelists Sebastien Borget (CEO Sandbox) and Robby Young (CEO Animoca Brands) helping judge, an AI Film and Fashion Festival, and a first-of-its-kind “Memecon” presented by OSF Rekt.

NFC speakers include Claire Silver, Punk6529, Deekay Motion, and John Knopf.


Participating in the NFC Conference offers ApeCoin, ApeChain, and the DAOs Working Group a prime opportunity for increased brand awareness and media exposure with over 200 Web3 speakers expected to attend.

Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of this plan compared to other events allows us to establish ApeCoin and ApeCoin DAO as one of the two dominant brand’s at the conference, alongside The Sandbox. Furthermore, Lisbon is known for its affordability in Western Europe, which helps business operations and travel.

Securing a 20m² area in a premium location with games and seating will enhance ApeCoin’s credibility, providing real-world exposure as a leading brand in the space. The conference also offers valuable networking and onboarding opportunities for ApeChain, serving as a platform for education regarding opportunities provided by the DAO.



The proposal is requesting $155,000.00 USD denominated in APE with the full amount of funding required for conference and wrap-up sponsorship being provided in APE to the event.

If platinum-level sponsorships are unavailable when funding is provided, we will secure a gold-level booth in its place. Any difference in funding will either be not accepted or returned to the APE Foundation.

img3 img4


Link to the full proposal: https://forum.apecoin.com/t/aip-414-apecoin-dao-at-nfc-lisbon/22808

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimise for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

7M votes
11 days ago

AIP-395: .APE - Launching the Real .APE Top-Level Domain on the Internet



ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the world’s authority on IP addresses and domain names, has permissioned the second-ever instance in the history of the Internet to apply for new top-level domains (TLDs). The imminent reopening for a limited duration and potential cap on applications adds a layer of scarcity and urgency to this opportunity.

This is a proposal to create the .APE top-level domain (TLD) as a real-world asset (RWA) during the upcoming ICANN application round, which we anticipate will open as soon as 2025. The application takes approximately one (1) year to prepare and is led by D3, a next-generation identity company focused on bridging the gap between traditional Internet infrastructure and Web3.


The .APE TLD has the potential to create a lucrative, perpetual source of revenue for ApeCoin DAO, enabling growth of the community through new .APE domains, and cement ApeCoin (and $APE) as a major real-world asset with interoperability and utility at its core. D3 plans to offer a patent-pending tokenized *APE (e.g. SAM *APE) as an immediate Web3 identifier for users, while in parallel submitting the ICANN application for the real .APE TLD to enable future interoperability and native resolution seamlessly across Web2 and Web3. ApeCoin DAO will receive 50% of all gross revenues generated from the *APE name tokens and the .APE Top-Level Domain

D3 has quickly become the official identity service platform for numerous top Web3 communities. The team is made up of experienced industry veterans that have received accreditation by ICANN as both TLD registry operators and domain name registrars, and has decades of experience acquiring, launching, and operating 40+ TLDs, including .XYZ, .INC, .TV, and .LINK.

With D3, the ApeCoin community has a unique opportunity to apply for and launch the .APE top-level domain (TLD) with the potential to generate multi-million dollars in annual revenue that can be utilized for the DAO. D3 commits to supporting the ApeCoin DAO to establish the .APE TLD as the next phenomenon on the Internet.

It is not possible for any entity or individual to “own” a TLD. ICANN contractually grants the rights to exclusively operate and monetize each TLD that automatically renews every 10 years. This is true of every ICANN-accredited gTLD, including .com and .xyz. In order for the ApeCoin DAO to take advantage of the benefits the D3 team offers as an existing ICANN-accredited registry operator (e.g. expedited application and minimal diligence on the DAO and the Foundation), D3 must be the TLD applicant and contracted registry operator with ICANN. This also means that D3 will take on the onerous ongoing registry obligations (e.g. annual audits, compliance, etc) to ensure .APE remains in good standing. D3 acts as essentially the white-glove and full-service operator for .APE. ApeCoin DAO and the Foundation will maintain a vested interest and voice in all TLD operations, including pricing strategy, launch timeline, whitelists and blacklists, and more. Should the Foundation desire to create its own entity and maintain the complex ongoing registry obligations, D3 will be happy to facilitate the transfer for the .APE TLD once approved.

There will be no exclusivity beyond the .APE TLD: the ApeCoin DAO has the freedom to work with other grant recipients for other TLDs, although this is practically unlikely as there are economies at scale associated with hosting multiple TLDs with D3.

It should be noted however that, in considering the best interests of the Apecoin DAO and its members, it is our firm belief that D3 should hold exclusive rights to the .APE domain name extension, just like the real .COM or .XYZ domain name extension. Given the upcoming opportunities and challenges with the ICANN round, ensuring that D3 maintains exclusivity over the .APE domain extension is not just a strategic move—it is a necessary step to protect and nurture the Apecoin DAO’s growth.


D3 and its affiliates will leverage its deep industry experience and accreditation to apply for and launch the .APE TLD, on behalf of the ApeCoin DAO, in the upcoming ICANN application round for new top-level domains. The .APE top-level domain will provide perpetual branding, utility, and revenue generating potential for the ApeCoin community while expanding ecosystem adoption through D3’s innovative registry and registrar, focused on top Web3 communities.

Name Tokens – Accelerating Launch and Go-To-Market

Name tokens are D3’s patent-pending methodology to distribute and scale the APE community well in advance of the establishment of .APE as a real TLD by ICANN. They offer a wide range of Web3 utility, including being used as memorable multi-chain wallet addresses, cross-platform Web3 usernames, decentralized infrastructure identifiers and more.

D3 name tokens also act as expressions of interest for our domains, and token holders will have early access to the TLDs we launch in the future (such as .APE). *APE name tokens, or Ape Names, will be displayed on D3’s marketplace alongside other community name tokens partnered with D3 to pursue a TLD application. Just like purchasing a domain name, users will pay annual fees to own an Ape Name, creating an important evergreen revenue source for the DAO. Importantly, unlike other web3 name services, name tokens are designed to accommodate D3’s application for the .APE TLD in accelerating revenue generation for the ApeCoin community while creating future utility. D3 is committed to providing the ApeCoin DAO a real-world asset in the .APE TLD.


Bringing Real-World Utility To ApeCoin

The Domain Name System (DNS) is critical Internet infrastructure that has been instrumental in the adoption, growth and accessibility of the Internet. The .APE TLD will unlock a multitude of real-world applications, combined with existing Web3 utility.


These interoperable identities will leverage D3’s extensive DNS distribution network, while allowing a user’s .APE domain to serve as a website and email address, as well as multi-chain wallet address, cross-platform user name, serve verifiable credentials and more. The DNS is a secure, well established source of truth that will combat the growing number of unapproved, Web3-specific .APE names that have sprouted recently attempting to cash in on the ‘Ape’ brand in bad faith.


This comprehensive approach leverages our domain expertise to not only advance ApeCoin’s recognition within the blockchain community, but also to position it as a versatile and widely adopted asset with relevance in both Web3 and real-world scenarios.

ApeCoin Community Growth & Brand Expansion

The Apes community is known for its strong bonds, and D3 has exciting plans to enhance this bond further. Upon approval of our proposal, D3 intends to provide each Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFT holder with a relevant *APE name token (eg. MACHI * APE, 7065 * APE) as an immediate Web3 identity solution for users until the real .APE TLD is launched. Currently, Apes use numbers to identify themselves, but with Ape Names, they will have dedicated digital identities that add even more value to their existing personas.


In addition, members of the ApeCoin community will have the exclusive opportunity to gain early access to other *APE name tokens before they are made available to the public. Following this Right of First Refusal period, *APE name tokens will be offered to the public. These *APE name tokens will serve as representations of the ApeCoin brand and community within D3’s marketplace and across the globe.


Once we have acquired and launched the .APE TLD, real .APE domains will not only work with Web3, but they will also natively resolve on the Domain Name System (DNS) for mainstream functionality like websites and email. .APE will establish a lasting brand presence on the internet and create unique, universally recognized native identities across Web2 and Web3, which can take advantage of the inherent benefits of each. D3’s approach opens the floodgates to a non-Web3 audience, expanding ApeCoin’s reach and fostering adoption among a broader demographic, thus contributing to the long-term value accrual for ApeCoin.

Leveraging D3’s registrar network and Web2 distribution channels offers the opportunity for exponential market growth. D3 also specializes in enterprise adoption of domains by closely collaborating with the largest corporate agents in the world to educate brands on the unique benefits of our TLDs. Long-Term Recurring Revenue Generation

Similar to .COM and .XYZ, .APE has the potential to create a new source of fast-growing recurring revenue while providing a unique, liquid, and tradeable RWA.

A few real-world examples highlighting the value of top-level domains and domains include:


Namespaces are incredibly attractive and strategic opportunities, as seen from the proliferation of the Ethereum Name Service (Web3 .eth names) which has registered over 3M names in its lifetime. Per Dune Analytics, ENS generated over $2M in revenue in Dec 2023 from registrations and renewals, implying an annualized run-rate revenue of $24M.

With the expertise from D3’s veteran team, the .APE TLD could become the next REAL, big domain extension, with the potential to drive thousands of monthly domain transactions that can generate millions in annual recurring revenue.

Illustrative Revenue Projection



3 million ApeCoin


All proceeds will be used directly to apply for, market, and launch the .APE domain extension:

  • ApeCoin DAO will receive 50% of all gross revenues generated from the *APE name tokens and the .APE Top-Level Domain
  • Compared to .COM (160M domains) and .XYZ (13M), the .APE TLD could create a $M+ evergreen, profitable real-world asset for the ApeCoin DAO at a fraction of scale needed (proj. $5M+ annual recurring revenue within 36 months of launch)
  • D3 and ApeCoin DAO could represent .APE for a lifetime (10-year TLD rights, with auto-renewals)

D3 will incur on-going technical and operational costs related to managing the .APE namespace, with contribution from ApeCoin DAO for co-marketing into the masses.The below includes the initial budget for the .APE acquisition process (APE):


As illustrated above, the funding requested for this grant goes directly to supporting the acquisition and launch of the real .APE Top-Level Domain on the Internet. D3’s success and its compensation is tied directly to the revenue shared jointly with ApeCoin DAO from registrations and renewals.

We’re requesting an upfront commitment by ApeCoin DAO to enable us to plan large scale, wide global activation of the name token sale while concurrently initiating the ICANN application process with our staff and legal which requires more than 12 months of preparation (500+ page application), and initiate IRL activations which often require deposits.

Any remaining excess funds will be directed towards revenue-generating activities including performance-based marketing and sales.



Link to the full proposal: https://forum.apecoin.com/t/aip-395-ape-launching-the-real-ape-top-level-domain-on-the-internet/21474

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimise for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

7M votes
19 days ago

AIP-403: ApeCoin DAO Marketing & Communications (MarComms) Working Group Budget 


With over three decades of professional marketing and brand development experience, the MarComms Working Group team is excited to outline our budget proposal that addresses identifiable needs and leverages our unique expertise & network.

This can be constructed into 4 simplified categories:

  1. Brand Strategy & Development
  2. Community & Culture
  3. Management (Personnel)
  4. Administrative

The mission starts with establishing a cohesive brand foundation that amplifies into a persistent brand strategy & identity for ApeCoin. To accomplish this, we will set transparent guidelines, and actively foster positive public relations, structured communications, meaningful partnerships, tent pole community events, and content production for the ApeCoin ecosystem.

The MarComms team has already hit the ground running since inception by contributing to ongoing and new initiatives throughout the ApeCoin ecosystem. Given the dynamic needs of ApeCoin past, present, and future, the delineated budget allows us to capitalize and build on the momentum to showcase our strategic vision to supplement and augment the ApeCoin brand. The desired outcome is to:

  1. Drive consistency across touchpoints.
  2. Increase the frequency of transparent communications.
  3. Provide coordination across brand initiatives and partners.
  4. Develop a content ecosystem that brings to life the diverse colors of the community & culture, aimed towards positioning and magnifying the brand.
  5. Produce a series of global events that bring the talents and strengths of our membership together.
  6. Establish the legal, operational, and budgetary groundwork for the MarComms WG.

img1 img2


This proposal aims to refine the ApeCoin branding, enhancing standardization and proactive communication. Strengthening internal and external communication, encouraging onboarding, and increasing community participation. Initiatives such as social media engagement and in-person events will effectively structure brand narratives. MarComms aims to foster a more creative, globally-connected, and linguistically diverse community environment.


This budget proposal requests an allocation of $APE tokens equivalent to $493,500 USD to cover the MarComms Working Group’s operational needs for the first six months.



Link to the full proposal: https://forum.apecoin.com/t/aip-403-apecoin-dao-marketing-communications-marcomms-working-group-budget/22170

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimise for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

7M votes
24 days ago

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